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About me

Meet the Mind Behind the Magic of Lifestyle

Dying a week earlier, I woke up from a coma in the ICU, hooked up to life-support…

…at the ripe old age of 29. This life-altering experience forced me to reconsider my priorities and reevaluate my path. 

For over two decades, I have devoted myself to helping clients discover their “happy place” across the country and globally. Helping clients locate their lifestyle through second homes, vacation property, or relocating to live a lifestyle in a location they love.

Through extensive global experiences, we have created “Seven Lifestyles” to help people just like you, 

LOCATE THEIR LIFESTYLE … with profound results.

The podcast

Brand Your Lifestyle:
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We help you escape the madness of city and suburban life.

Understanding the dynamics and limitations of quality representation in these locations is why we do what we do. Each lifestyle location brings our counsel and understanding to guide you with quality up-to-date information.